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Unchartered Adventures offers exhilarating rage room sessions and smash rooms, providing you with the ultimate outlet to unleash your inner fury and break items in a controlled environment. But that’s not all! Get ready for heart-pounding excitement with axe throwing, a super immersive car smash experience, splatter paint fun, and an adrenaline-pumping Gellyball Shooting Gallery. 

Adult Adventures

Rage Rooms

Ever wanted to unleash your frustrations in a safe, controlled space? Welcome to our rage rooms, where you get your own private haven to smash away. Come, let the rage begin!

Axe Throwing San Antonio

Axe Throwing

Channel your inner warrior and throw axes with precision. Put your strength, accuracy, and focus to the test in the most thrilling adventure yet!

Gellyball Shooting

Immerse yourself in an exhilarating, action-packed experience that tests your skills and catapults you into a world of pure excitement. Get ready for an adventure like no other.

Splatter Paint

Dive into a world of vibrant splatters and paint under the captivating black light. Unleash your artistic talents in private rooms at Unchartered Adventures

Karaoke Bar

Join our vibrant scene, sing your heart out to top tunes. From power ballads to catchy pop hits, Karaoke Bar at Unchartered Adventures promises a night of music and fun.

Car Smash

Unleash your power by smashing an ENTIRE car at Unchartered Adventures! Perfect for parties and team building, it's the ultimate way to release frustration, anxiety, and anger before they take hold.

Selfie Scenes

Have a fantastic time at Unchartered Adventures and easily share your experiences with friends on social media with our unique spots to create excellent, sharable content!

Kids Adventures

Rage Rooms
(Age 10+)

Discover the thrill of smash rooms, a cutting-edge concept that lets you unleash your fury on random items in a safe and controlled environment.

Shooting Range
(Age 5+)

Inside the Gellyball Shooting Arena: targets, strobes, thumping sound, and special effects with glow-in-the-dark obstacles. Ready for action!

Splatter Paint
(Any Age)

Dive into a world of vibrant colors and ignite your creativity with our exhilarating splatter paint session at Unchartered Adventures.

Selfie Scenes
(Any Age)

Capture mind-blowing experiences at our unique spots and share them on social media. Get ready to create amazing shareable content like never before!

EXPERIENCE Splatter Paint


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